What’s more valuable for a dental practice than a large patient base? A large member base.

Implement these five simple tips & tricks to help you grow your practices’ membership plan and watch your member base grow.

1. Keep it simple

Focus on the transparent “right now” savings your membership plan offers throughout the member lifecycle will help you attract loyal members. Make sure you showcase your practices’ exclusive member savings side-by-side your Retail Fees and explain to your patients how membership will save them money and improve their oral health.

With membersy, your practice teams have access to numerous tools and resources to help communicate your organization’s membership perks. (Wherever your patients are—online, in-person, and everywhere in-between.)

2. Prioritize consistent outreach

It’s crucial to consistently communicate all your membership plan offers to new and legacy members alike. Let potential members know that they’ll have an exclusive, curated member experience once they join your practices’ membership plan by reaching communicating their plan’s value whenever services are needed.

In addition, once you’ve added a new member to your membership plan, we’ll help ensure they have the best experience with your brand with concierge-focused member support services that leave your members saying “wow.”

3. Showcase your overall membership experience

When you’re a member, you’re more than just a number. You should structure the membership experience to open doors to exclusive member benefits that patients won’t experience through traditional dental insurance.

Be sure to let your potential members know what sets your practice apart and what they’ll gain from being a part of your valued member community. With membersy, your patients will know that a modern platform used by close to 1 million members nationwide powers your membership experience.

4. Rely upon technology and data

Utilize a tech-enabled platform like membersy-connect to manage your members’ account details and billing preferences in real-time, and rely upon a handful of useful KPIs to track the growth of your member base and gain insights on how to grow faster.

At membersy, we coach our partners to focus on KPIs such as monthly subscribers by location, member retention, and churn rates, and more.

5. Give your prospective members a reason to smile 

When growing your member base, it’s essential to highlight your membership plan’s exclusive member savings and other perks that members can take advantage of. More than ever, patients want a personalized membership experience.

Ensure that your prospective members know that your membership plan is professionally administered (if it’s not, you should make this a priority) and includes concierge-style communication and support like renewal notification letters, emails, and calls.

Launching and growing your member base can seem daunting, but with membersy, it doesn’t have to be. We’ll help you create a membership experience that is second to none and will keep your member community happy and healthy. Follow membersy for more tips on how to attract and delight your valued members.