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Design a membership plan that fuels growth and scales with your practice

Unlock your earning potential and empower uninsured patients with access to the care they need, paving the way for recurring revenue and increased patient loyalty - all without insurance.

We're here to empower better dental health. Say good-bye to high costs and red tape with a dental membership plan.

Take control of your revenue

With a subscription-based membership plan, you’ll attract new patients and increase recurring revenue - giving your business the consistent cash flow it needs to scale faster.

Set your own prices

Set your fees and collect 100%
of services rendered.

Your revenue, right away

No more waiting on delayed insurance reimbursements.

Create recurring revenue

Timed to when is most convenient for your patients.

Simplified billing process

Speed up revenue without the hassle of claim filing.

Accelerate growth and efficiency

Manage your plan, patients, and subscription revenue all in one convenient platform.


Customize your plan

Set your own prices or take advantage of our tried and true recommended pricing, tailored for your area, helping you attract the right patients.


Launch and promote

Get the most from your plan – including a branded website tailored for new signups, print collateral to promote your plan, and ongoing marketing support.


Track performance

Say goodbye to inaccurate spreadsheets. Your Membersy dashboard provides real-time data to ensure everyone on your team is informed.

Better visibility across all teams and locations

Managing multiple teams across a range of offices has never been easier. Membersy brings everyone together to ensure easy access without extra effort.

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Members can access their portal to edit their account details, view pricing details, or tweak subscription settings.


Access a central platform to view important, high-level membership details like enrollment trends and active memberships.


Filter data down to a regional level so each rep can keep an eye on their dedicated territories to ensure plan success.


Keep a pulse on all of your locations with a snapshot overview of membership performance across your organization.

“With Membersy, adding and managing members has become so much easier for our practice teams."

Dr. Veraj Desai

“It creates a mutually beneficial relationship between practice and patient and we’ve seen an increase in revenue because of it.”

Kerre Sharpe  |  Regional VP

“We now have more owner dentists than ever actively utilizing their membership plan within their practices, resulting in growing our member base by 20x.”

Justin Puckett | President, MB2

"We have thousands of loyal members thanks to our membership plan. Having an experienced partner like Membersy has been so beneficial for a DSO our size.”

Dr. Frank Nia  |   Market President

Stable recurring revenue you can forecast

Here’s a real example of a Membersy DSO partner with 150+ practice locations spanning across 12 states.


Total patients


Services rendered per patient



Gross revenue




Total  members


Services rendered per patient



Gross revenue


Everything you need, backed by experience you can trust

Real support from real people, long after you sign up

Unlike other membership plan organizations we provide expert advice before, during, and long after you sign up. No matter your question, we’re here to help anytime you need.

Onboarding assistance

We’ll show you the plan builder and answer any questions you have to get you comfortable building on your own.

Free office training (online & in-person)

We'll equip your team with resources and knowledge to best present and promote your new plan to patients.

A dedicated account manager

Get help fast with your very own Membersy account manager who understands the specifics about your plan.

Billingual support (English & Spanish)

To assist with patient support questions, Monday through Friday from 7am-6pm Central Standard Time.

Advice to help you grow faster

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Frequently asked questions

Can we administer our own internal plan?

You can, but it may not be legally compliant unless you obtain licensure in your state. Not to mention, it won’t be professionally administered and include things like a dashboard to track and maintain patients, custom website, materials, patient support, fulfillment to patients, etc.

What’s your pricing? Do you charge monthly?

There is no upfront cost to get started with Membersy. You select your enrollment fee, and Membersy gets compensated based on plan performance. We don’t make money unless you do!

How do you help market and promote the plan?

We help facilitate any and all marketing efforts you would like to implement. That can include building a plan website with SEO best practices, in-office literature, winback emails for lapsed patients, and social media campaigns.

Do you have any API or integration support?

We are able to integrate with most Practice Management Systems to provide valuable insights into your membership plan.

Do you provide renewal support?

Every patient who signs up with a credit or debit card is placed on an automatic membership renewal. They have the opportunity to opt out of that through their self service portal or by calling us or their dentist. Additionally, we provide renewal reminders to your members prior to the renewal by mail, email, and phone call.

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