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Everything insurance isn’t.

Membersy is everything insurance isn’t. We connect individual members with affordable care and we give care providers the tools, technology, and support they need to turn one-time patients into loyal members.

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Delivering affordable care everyday



We administer dental membership plans on behalf of 4,000+ practices



We proudly serve over 1 million loyal plan members nationwide


Added Revenue

Based on a 2.5x case acceptance rate for select plans.

Winner of Built In’s “2023 Best Places to Work"

It’s no secret that many Americans can’t afford regular dental care.

Insurance companies have kept dentists and patients stuck in a complex and expensive system for too long. Dental membership plans can provide over 75 million uninsured Americans an affordable alternative to insurance.

Empowering Members

We connect patients with the care they deserve at a price that makes sense.

Empowering Practices

We help providers grow their business with tools and support that remove barriers to affordable care.

Empowering Care

Together, we help change the relationship between people and care, growing loyal relationships.

A message from our CEO

At Membersy, we believe every American deserves access to affordable, high-quality dental care. Our vision is to make this a reality by offering a membership program that removes financial barriers and makes it easy for individuals and families to receive the dental care they need.

We will continue to improve our services and expand our network of trusted and qualified dental providers so that we can ensure our members have access to the latest treatments and technologies, and we can give all of our partners the tools they need to deliver better care to their patients.

As our industry evolves, our continued goal is to be at the forefront of innovation, evolution and meaningful change.

Michael Shuman

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