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Steps to Starting a Dental Practice

As with other branches of healthcare, learning how to start a dental practice requires a huge amount of effort. While this venture can be overwhelming at times, establishing your own successful dental practice can significantly boost your revenue and give you more control than working under other dentists. Starting your own practice requires a considerable […]

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How to Value a Dental Practice

Whether you’re selling your business, taking on a partner, or organizing your estate, performing a dental practice valuation is essential for success. Dental practice valuations give you an accurate idea of the state of your business, which can help you make better decisions about your future. With that said, there are different types of dental […]

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All About Corporate Dentistry

The practice of corporate dentistry is on the rise, so it’s normal for private dentists to be curious about this business model. Whether you’re thinking about becoming a corporate dentist or want to gauge the impact that this trend has on your practice, learning about this setup will help you make better decisions in the […]

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