Membership dentistry resources for DSOs, dentists, and office managers.

Questions to Ask Before Launching A Dental Membership Program

As a dental care practitioner, your main goal is to provide the highest-quality oral care to your community. But, it’s no secret that many families in the US can’t afford adequate dental care. Ensuring that your patients have access to quality care at an affordable price is just as important as delivering outstanding dental services. […]

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How to Grow Your Dental Practice

Dentists and other dental care professionals are always looking for ways to provide better services and grow their practices. Nevertheless, attracting prospective patients can be extremely challenging, especially if you consider the other dental professionals competing for your audience’s attention. You need to understand your patient’s needs beyond dental services, create a blueprint, and implement […]

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Why Every Dental Practice Needs a Dental Membership Program

Access to quality dental services, or lack thereof, has been one of the biggest barriers to good oral health for millions of Americans over the last 20 years. By joining a dental membership program, you can stabilize your practice financially while becoming part of the solution to the current dental health crisis. While there is […]

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