Creating an in-house dental membership plan can grow your business exponentially. Membership plans are financially good for your practice and make dental care easier for your patients. Read on to discover the top 5 reasons dentists should offer membership plans to patients.

1. Dentists are in control.

As a practice owner, you own your membership program. You get to design what your practice’s membership plan looks like, what is included in them, and what will cost an extra fee. You design what type of flexibility your patients should have (ex: monthly pricing, yearly fees, etc.) and pick your own pricing schedule based on this. You are in control!

2. Auto-renewals ensure that patients are coming back to you.

With typical membership plans, patients are billed once a month or once a year for their membership, and the plan automatically renews. This keeps these patients at your practice. Also, one of the biggest pluses of auto-renewals is that you will have predictable recurring revenue.

3. Membership dentistry puts you in control so you will no longer have to deal with insurance companies. Membership plans reduce dependency on insurance companies – which is positive for both your practice and patients. 

Patients spend a lot of time (and headaches) going back and forth with insurance companies, paying bills, and making statements. Membership plans will take the question out of patients’ dental care, which leads them to think positively about your practice.

As for your practice, there are advantages that come with cutting out the middleman. There will be no more delays in payments from insurance companies. This allows you to give quality care to patients without having to deal with outside problems.

4. Membership plans also decrease costs for patients. 

No matter what type of dental care is needed (ex: preventive care, extensive work, etc.) membership plans will help patients save on all in-house services and products. Patients will not have to pay for services they don’t use. Memberships also don’t leave patients guessing how much they are going to be paying, so they can plan accordingly.

Overall, patients will be happier with your practice, not breaking the bank, and more eager to return to you.

5. Lastly, it’s been proven that members buy more. 

Think of Amazon Prime. Members of Amazon Prime pay a yearly Prime fee, and also spend more money on Amazon per year than non-Prime members. By offering membership plans at your practice, patients are more likely to use their memberships and buy other products and services after paying fees. Memberships add loyalty and convenience for members.

There are many advantages for you and your patients to providing dental membership plans. Membership dentistry promotes accelerated growth within your business and puts you in control of your own practice. Learn more about membership dentistry at membersy.