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Swish Dental ‘Swish’ is a leading dental service organization supporting 10+ dental practices in Texas.

In late-2018, Swish began its partnership with membersy for the design, development, and administration of a new and improved membership plan under the brand Swish Smile Membership.

The partnership got started with membersy analyzing Swish’s supported practices’ self-pay patient data and consulting key stakeholders on how to best structure their new membership plan. Once finalized, membersy’s product engineers worked tirelessly to develop its unique features. 

Once development was complete, membersy organized an extensive training program for all participating practices. Training was conducted in-person at each practice location and focused on how to effectively use a membership plan to attract, service and retain the growing number of self-pay patients. Additionally, each participating practice benefits from ongoing training in the form of monthly provider calls from their dedicated support specialists. 

Today, membersy provides Swish’s management, practices and plan members with a suite of comprehensive administrative support services vital to the ongoing success of Swish Smile Membership