membersy support

membersy support

member support
Our dedicated member support specialists will provide your members with real-time phone support Monday through Friday, from 8 am – 6 pm CST, via your plan’s dedicated phone number. Additionally, our member support specialists will be proactive in communicating important plan-related matters to your members including timely member renewal, overdue and expired calls to reduce your membership churn rate and increase member utilization at your offices.

member outreach
Our dedicated member support specialists won’t just sit by the phone waiting for a call from your members. They will proactively engage your members throughout their membership lifecycle through timely member renewal, overdue and expired calls.

office support
We’ll assign a dedicated provider specialist to each of your practices who will provide real-time membership plan support to your office staff. Your provider support specialists will be available to service your practices Monday through Friday, from 8 am – 6 pm CST, via you plan’s dedicated phone number, email address and online chat forum. Additionally, your support specialist will conduct monthly checkup calls with each of your practices to review enrollment numbers and inquire if additional marketing materials and/or training is needed.

office outreach
Your practices will enjoy hearing from their dedicated provider support specialists each month. We will be proactive in engaging your practice teams through meaningful monthly calls geared to communicate important membership plan subject matters.

our partner portfolio

Our growing partner portfolio includes numerous custom-designed membership experiences for some of dentistry’s most forward-thinking dental group practices.