From the moment your patients (both old and new) walk into your dental practice, you want to show them you care. Showing patients you care will increase your retention rate, make your practice a warm environment, and be personally rewarding for you as well.

Today, we’re divulging a few tips on simple ways to show patients you care:

Minimize wait time as much as you can

Everyone is busy these days. Make sure your practice is booking appointments at the appropriate times, so your patients aren’t waiting in the lobby for very long. Most of the time, your patients are taking time off of work or away from their personal life to be there, so be sure they know you value their time.

Furthermore, keep up the aesthetic of your waiting room. The seats should be comfortable, not stiff, and have an abundance of magazines and coffee table books for visitors to flip through. If you see families and children, make sure you have a children’s area filled with age-appropriate books and toys. Running an essential oil diffuser in the waiting room can also help with pre-dental stress of some patients.

Offer patients free WiFi

Some dental practices are offering free WiFi, which is a big draw for patients. Boost this on your social media page and email marketing to make sure your patients know they can bring their laptops to your practice and work, pay bills or browse online while they wait. This is a small expense that pays off with happy patients!

Know your patient’s name and a few details about them

Each time you see a patient, always lead with asking them how they are doing and feeling. Ask them about their family and how work is going. Then, write a little note in their chart about something they told you and revisit it next time they are in your chair. While you see a multitude of patients each day, the general population only goes to the dentist a few times a year. They will remember you, so try to remember them.

Send out a card for special occasions

You have patient birthday information, so why not send them a birthday card? This can be done with a hand-written note or a personalized email. To go even deeper, you could throw in a 20% off coupon for a small service such as teeth whitening. This may also be a subtle reminder to patients to schedule their next cleaning with you!

In the end, it’s all about making the experience at your practice the best it can be for your patients. This way, they’ll continue to come back to your practice and give you word of mouth referrals – the absolute best form of reviews!