Here at membersy, we understand that our platform would be nothing without our talented employees working with our DSO partners and their practices on a daily basis. The last 12 months have been unfamiliar for us as we acquired The CDI Group to become the industry’s largest and only enterprise-level dental membership plan platform of scale in the United States.

That being said, we wanted to highlight our talented employees who have worked tirelessly to build membersy from a small startup in 2015 to the company it is today. Starting this month, membersy will be doing a monthly Employee Spotlight Series to showcase the membersy team and what makes each of them unique. This first employee under spotlight is Tracy Swanson, our rockstar VP of Partner Success!

Employee spotlight: Tracy Swanson, VP Partner Success

Q: When did you join membersy, and how has the company changed?

“I’ve been at membersy since June 2019. In my time here, we’ve gone from a company of 10 employees to over 35!  When I started, we were all sharing a small office space downtown Austin. I’d have to leave the room to make a call because I was too loud and distracting for my coworkers – pretty different compared to membersy’s 6,000 sq ft HQ we occupy now. In the beginning, I was helping with a little bit of everything. Now, I’ve got the opportunity to focus on growing our Partner Success division and providing our DSO partners and practices with excellent training, coaching, and support.”

Q: What do you love most about membersy’s Partner Success division?

“Partner Success is the fun side of our business! I love to see when our partners go from in some cases not having a membership plan at all to having a vibrant, loyal member base in the thousands. The whole Partner Success team comes to work every day with a positive attitude, and I think our partners can see and hear that positivity in our voices. At the end of the day, we’re a people-first company and I love that.”

Q: What are the most important traits/skills for someone in Partner Success to have?

“Our Partner Success Team is full of energy and enthusiasm. A super important trait to me is to have inflection in your voice every time you speak with dentists, regional and office managers, treatment coordinators, etc. A good Partner Success team is a listener first and foremost. They must have the ability to listen to what the partner’s wants and needs are, and then address the topic/task ‘the membersy way.'”

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at membersy?

“Each day, every single membersy employee has the opportunity to have a positive impact on the company and the membership dentistry movement as a whole. I feel like every conversation or meeting I participate in I learn something new and come away with actionable deliverables to execute on. Plus, my co-workers are genuinely my friends. This makes working at membersy rewarding and very fun!”

Q: What is a fact about you that might surprise your coworkers? 

“My dancing is even better than my singing ;).”