keep subscription billing uncomplicated as you scale

Setup recurring billing workflows and automate invoicing logic with membersy payments.

simplify billing from invoice to payment

Focus on dentistry and let membersy setup and automate your membership program’s subscription billing invoicing logic, accepted payment methods, revenue recovery rules, and more.

  • customize your subscription plans
  • define billing frequencies
  • automate subscription invoicing
  • accept card-on-file payments

control how your subscription funds flow

Collect subscription revenue and reduce operational overhead with membersy’s advanced transfers and payouts engine.

Cut through complexity by defining user hierarchies to instantly route funds, split revenue amongst multiple parties, and specify when and where your payouts are deposited.

Back it all up with full records of all subscription-related payments, transfers, and payouts, and quickly track and reconcile your revenue in real-time.

  • define your user hierarchies
  • route subscription $ globally
  • collect subscription $ real-time
  • payout funds via direct deposit

from 1x patient, to lifelong member

Simplify every part of your recurring relationships—from managing subscription charges to retrying failed payment attempts at ideal times to reduce involuntary churn caused by missed payments or declined cards.

With membersy payments, our partners recover 31% of failed payments and collect 12% more subscription revenue than those retrying failed payments on a set schedule.

  • automate recurring payments
  • enable smart payment retries
  • increase member retention rates
  • reduce involuntary member churn

optimize the subscription lifecycle



push notifications

Receive timely updates for all member lifecycle events, including new subscriptions, payments, cancellations, and more.

prorated upgrades

When members upgrade subscriptions, we’ll handle the smooth transition from one plan to the next by prorating the unused $ amount.


Members have the ability to set their subscription to automatically renew year after year to receive continuous benefits at your practices.