At membersy, we’re “going green” by offering eco-friendly communication options to our partners and members; we’re dedicated to monitoring our environmental impact and making choices that are conscious and efficient.  

Mindfully minimizing waste. Our digitized platform allows us to help protect the earth by minimizing wasteful practices. We know paper takes a toll on our world, and we’re still able to offer a highly personal and connected experience without it.

Prioritizing paperless communication. Using paperless communication methods is a convenient and secure way to reduce our carbon footprint. We rely on digital alternatives such as push notifications, emails, direct calls, and text messages to communicate with our partners and members. We also offer digital welcome kits for partners and solely offer paper materials on an on-demand basis.

Cut costs and save space while lowering impact. Ultimately, paperless is the way to go because it allows us to lessen our environment impact while doing more. Even without the clutter of paper materials, we can offer the same innovative solutions through a digital, eco-friendly environment. We know cutting back paper usage can make a real difference in the long run, and we pledge to do our part to making choices that are beneficial to the environment, our partners, and valued members.