Lydian Dental Opens Stylish North Austin Location

While Austin isn’t nearly the foundational tech haven Silicon Valley has been since the early 1980s, it’s emerging infrastructure filled with start-ups, founders, and investors persist in growing beyond the city’s borders. Housing global giants like Facebook, Google, Oracle, EA Sports, and Apple — who recently announced plans to build a second $1 billion dollar facility on the city’s northwest end — Austin has shown it can resonate with the luminary titans of the tech industry. Companies far shy of multi-billion dollar valuations thrive in the Texas capital, too. Many of them emerging from the dental industry.

Lydian Dental, founded in 2014 by Josh Turnbull and Scott Conell — with an assist from Harvard Business grad Clayton Nylander — cemented itself one of the most innovative dental firms in the region back in 2015 when news of their contemporary mobile offices begin to circulate. Starting with four offices in both Texas and Arizona, Lydian sparked intrigue with its full-service mobile offices created in conjunction with in-demand Silicon Valley design firm, Rapt Studio.


With 10 mobile offices stationed around Austin — many of which are positioned near primary employers and high-traffic shopping districts — Lydian is surrounding key points of access in Austin’s Travis County. To even greater effect, the millennial-focused dental upstart smartly crowds Austin’s centermost point of circulation — the University of Texas.

For its second Austin brick and mortar location, Lydian travels about as far north of UT’s centralized campus as its primary South Lamar Blvd location moves in the opposite direction. Offering a wealth of services that include membership plans serviced by membersy, Lydian is proof that going to the dentist can be a stylish and tech-savvy experience.

Sophisticated flooring, modern decor, graffiti murals and art installations all lend warmth to the Austin offices. Each exudes a youthful elegance the dental provider aims to assert, as it speaks directly to millennials and looms as a beckon for the middle-aged.

The calming and on-trend interior aesthetics were conceptualized by Rapt who has designed offices for everyone from Nike to HBO to LinkedIn. Operating with an angular focus to fulfill a vision unique to its clients, Rapt now claims Lydian as one of its most successful buildouts.

Lydian is also ahead of time with its technological advancements. Along with moving the industry forward with its aforementioned mobile offices, they’ve digitized the appointment system — allowing clients to book online and never required to make a phone call. Moreover, they installed state-of-the-art headphones in their facilities so that patients can listen to music of their choosing while Lydian dental professionals perform routine services.

You can visit Lydian Dental’s new office in Austin at 5531 Burnett Road. The existing Austin office is located at 1601 S Lamar Blvd.

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