Called membersy-connect, the platform gives membersy partners everything they need to engage their organization’s membership community and grow their member base.

Membersy, the Austin-based digital health company that provides dental practices with thoughtfully designed membership programs to make dental care more approachable, has released a new version of its enterprise dental membership platform.

Called membersy-connect, the new and improved platform gives membersy partners (like you) everything you need to engage your membership community and grow your member base.

  • Create & manage subscription payments
    • Create new accounts and manage recurring subscription payments from members
  • Realize subscription revenue real-time
    • Receive subscription payment transfers immediately upon new and recurring payment events
  • Automate subscription revenue payouts
    • Automate account balance payouts via direct deposit to your designated bank account
  • Track sales, verify eligibility, & edit account details
    • Track membership sales, verify member eligibility and edit member account details with ease
  • Order membership marketing materials
    • Order new shipments of membership brochures, posters, flyers, and more
  • Schedule membership team trainings
    • Schedule membership training webinars with your dedicated partner success specialist
  • PCI & HIPAA compliant
    • Facilitate member subscription payments and store patient information in a secure cloud-based environment
  • DMPO compliant
    • Access to the only nationwide compliant discount medical plan operation (“DMPO”) platform in dentistry

In addition to the features mentioned above, membersy-connect makes the onboarding of new practices a breeze with a completely digital onboarding flow that can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

At membersy, our purpose is to grow the membership dentistry movement. That goes beyond creating the best membership experiences in the market; it means revolutionizing the way people access and pay for dental care.