What makes your practice different? Why should patients come to your practice versus others? Every dental office needs to define what sets them apart. Differentiating factors will help you attract your key demographic and keep business booming.

To figure out what sets your practice apart, or what you want to set your practice apart, think about your practice versus others. Then, write down a list of things you currently do or want to do differently.

Note: You must be careful not to make these too generic. Things like “we provide excellent service” or “we strive for everyone to smile” are overused in the industry.

We’ve outlined a few differentiating factors we’ve seen before to get you thinking:

  • Are you in a busy city? Rep things like ample free parking or multiple, convenient locations on your website and social media.
  • Is your lobby equipt with a kid-safe play area? Let families know that you are a “family-friendly” dental practice.
  • Is aesthetic important to you? Did you hire an interior designer to furnish your office? Post photos of your sleek and stylish space.
  • Are you open odd hours to accommodate everyone, like Saturday mornings or until 7PM? Communicate your flexible hours!
  • Do you offer membership plans to uninsured, cash patients? Rep your membership plans online to attract patients who want a range of payment options.
  • Do you spend a lot of time and money on new technologies? Boast about it!
  • Does your system allow for online scheduling? Younger patients may prefer this to making an appointment via phone call.

Once you’ve narrowed down your key differentiators, be sure to discuss them with your staff and get their feedback. When everyone is on the same page, keep these differentiators front and center of all your marketing and outreach materials.

You want to stand out among the crowd. By keeping your unique selling points front and center, the right people will find you and your practice will thrive.