Learn how membersy is transitioning to more eco-friendly services by offering digitized product marketing solutions to partners and their valued members.

We’re implementing “green” changes, like converting from 4-fold to 3-fold brochures, to help our partners save on printing costs while also reducing our environmental footprint. We’ve also transitioned to using digital member ID cards (print ID cards still available by member request) and digital renewal reminders so members can stay connected without relying 100% upon paper (renewal letters still sent 30 days prior to renewal date). By reducing the number of print materials we send out, we are able to keep offering the same excellent marketing solutions without compromising our commitment to sustainability. 

At membersy, we take the guesswork out of marketing with beautifully designed materials and carefully crafted campaigns to help your organization effectively promote membership inside and outside your practices. Our continued shift to more eco-friendly marketing solutions won’t compromise your campaigns, they will help you offer a more robust and modern membership experience.