Tiered pricing, no hidden fees

Our integrated pay-as-you-go pricing means you’ll never receive an invoice or a bill. Like you, we’re only successful when your member base grows.

Pricing built for DSOs of all sizes

Pricing built for DSOs
of all sizes

10+ locations $4.50/mo
per account*
50+ locations $4.00/mo
per account*
150+ locations $3.50/mo
per account*
300+ locations $3.00/mo
per account*
10+ locations $4.50/mo
per account*
50+ locations $4.00/mo
per account*
150+ locations $3.50/mo
per account*
300+ locations $3.00/mo
per account*

What’s included:

Membership tech, marketing, and administration—from first sale to full scale

membersy connect

Your DSO’s hub for membership dentistry

Quickly create, manage, and communicate with your members, and surface actionable insights to monitor and grow your member base, all from a powerful yet simple-to-use dashboard.

membersy payments

Dental subscription billing, uncomplicated

Harness the power of subscription billing, automate recurring invoices and payments, increase retention with auto-renewals, and reduce churn with AI-powered smart payment retries.

membersy concierge

That old-school, hands-on support we all love

Provide a memorable experience for your practice teams and members by leveraging our dedicated membership consultants, coaches, and member support specialists.

membersy marketplace

Let us help you grow your member base

Let us help you grow your member base grow with new leads generated for you from our first-of-its-kind online membership plan marketplace exclusive to membersy DSO partners.

membersy connect logo

Streamline your practices membership plan workflows like adding new members, editing member accounts, verifying member eligibility, and plan sales reporting, e-commerce, marketing, and much more.

  • Intuitive admin dashboard
  • Modern e-commerce websites
  • Timely member notifications

  • Custom marketing materials
  • On-demand member campaigns
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
$3 – $4.50 /mo*

per account**

*Exact fee determined by # locations affiliated with DSO

**Billed annually. Applied to all new, recurring, and re-enroll subscription charges initiated by your members. No additional fees for member accounts with dependents added (applicable to the primary member only).

membersy payments logo

Automate recurring invoicing and payments, increase member retention with auto-renewals, reduce member churn with AI-powered smart payment retries, instantly route subscription funds amongst multiple parties, and much more.

  • Powerful subscription billing
  • Recurring invoicing & payments
  • AI-powered smart payment retries
  • Predict & reduce member churn
  • Receive your funds immediately
  • Route funds amongst multiple parties

2.9% + 30¢

per charge*

*Applicable to all new, recurring, re-enroll, or upgrade subscription charges from your members. Immediately upon a successful payment our platform will transfer your subscription funds to your Connect account (net Connect & Payments fees).

membersy concierge logo

Collaborate with our membership plan growth consultants, level up your practice teams, provide your valued members with timely plan support, and much more.

  • Plan design consulting & best practices
  • Retail pricing & discounts strategy
  • Practice onboarding, training, coaching
  • Outbound member retention calls
  • Bilingual member support
  • Discount Medical Plan compliance


of payout volume*

*Payout volume is the amount of funds sent to your Connect account’s associated bank account. By defult, payouts occur on the 5th day of each month and cover all previous month’s member subscription charges (net Connect & Payments fees).

membersy marketplace logo

What’s better than a new patient? A new member. Promote your membership plan to individuals and families in your communities via our D2C online marketplace.

  • Exclusive to membersy DSO partners
  • Promote plan & attract new members
  • Paid and organic SEO strategy
  • Paid social media marketing
  • Increased plan/practice exposure
  • No cost to membersy partners

No cost


*Marketplace is exclusive to membersy partners only. You must have 1,000 or more active members for your membership plan(s) to be eligible for participation on the marketplace.

Join dentistry’s membership movement!

We’ll have your new or revamped plan up and running in 2-4 weeks.