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Your hub for membership dentistry

Streamline your membership plan workflows including member enrollments, communication, eligibility verification, reporting, and more with membersy-connect.

Realize the power of ecommerce

Streamline your membership plan workflow including promoting membership and facilitating subscription payments wherever your patients are – online, in-person, and everywhere in-between – with a custom-designed e-commerce website.

  • Modern E-commerce Websites
  • Self-Service Member Portal
  • SEO-Friendly Landing Pages
  • Hosted By Membersy
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Unlimited workflows, one dashboard

Bring your dental teams together with our advanced, web-based dashboard that automates your membership program workflows and scales as your member base grows.

With membersy-connect, your practices can quickly create new members, verify subscription status’, edit account details, manage recurring billing preferences, and much more.

  • Quickly Create New Members
  • Verify Member Subscription Statuses
  • View & Update Member Accounts
  • Manage Member Billing Details

Subscription data at your fingertips

With structured access to your data, you can identify global enrollment trends, view which regions and practices produce the most, analyze member retention rates, predict future churn, see which plans are most popular, and more.

We’ve already written the queries for the most useful reports, so there is no need to dedicate engineers to build or maintain data warehouses.

Want to add additional metadata to your reports? No problem, we’ll combine relevant data points from across your ecosystem.

  • View Global Enrollment Trends
  • Predict Future Churn
  • Analyze retention Rates
  • Reconcile Payments Activity
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Powerful, automated onboarding and verification

Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, membersy makes it easy to complete onboarding and get your locations up and running.

Set Up Your Account

Utilize membersy’s online onboarding flow to quickly set up and verify your account owner details prior to your new or revamped membership going live.

Onboard Your Locations

Define your user hierarchies and require users to complete onboarding using membersy’s prebuilt, conversion-optimized onboarding flow.

Level Up Your Dental Teams

Keep your teams informed with membersy’s comprehensive training webinars, membership knowledge base, and version release updates.

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Join thousands of dental practices using membersy’s platform to offer simple, affordable and personalized care directly to patients.