Employer-sponsored dental insurance has been declining in popularity over the last decade. The COVID-19 pandemic has furthered this decline. According to The New York Times Magazine, an additional six million adults across the United States lost their employer-sponsored dental insurance as a result of the pandemic.

With more self-pay dental consumers than ever before, it’s time for dental brands to start considering how they will excel at attracting and retaining self-pay patients. A modern, tech-enabled dental membership plan platform could be the solution.

Times are changing, so make sure your dental practices do, too.

Aside from pandemic-related changes, industry innovation is revolutionizing the way patients seek services and pay for their care. As a result, subscription-based services are on the rise, and for good reasons. With fewer restrictions, transparency, and recurring revenue streams, subscriptions allow practices to provide quality care. This, in turn, allows subscribers to save on services.

According to the American Dental Association, 83% of consumers surveyed in October 2020 were ready and willing to see a dentist. Providers should seize the moment and develop a membership program. This will allow patients to enjoy the savings associated with subscription dentistry. Membership will ensure patients keep coming back for the routine care they need.

Stay ahead of the curve by offering dental membership plans.

Membership plans are here to stay. So it’s time to start developing your membership program and focus on growing your member base. As more dental practices start to offer subscription-based services, more patients will begin to see all the savings membership has to offer.

Deloitte Insights maintains that “consumers are driving—and accelerating—the pace of change in health care.” To stay ahead of the curve and keep the pace of changes in dentistry, it is imperative to get a good understanding of what consumers are looking for. With costs being the main barrier between consumers and care, offering membership plans can help bridge a growing gap and get patients into your offices.

We can help you start and grow a dental membership program.

While leveraging our support and the power of our technology, you can create, launch, and manage a modern dental membership plan experience. Our subscription management platform delivers unrivaled results, and we know how to please both practices and patients. We’re trusted by some of the nation’s leading dental service organizations for sound reasons. 

Our dedicated team will ensure to tailor your program to your practice and curate a custom experience for your members. By partnering with us, you can focus on ensuring your members get the care they need at reasonable rates.  

We help create membership experiences that keep our partners’ members happy and healthy. To partner with us, click here to get started or schedule a demo. For more information on the perks of membership-based dentistry, make sure to follow membersy to stay up to date with our latest ventures.