Successful dental practices are defined by much more than their revenue. Having the right people at your dental practice can not only boost your bottom line, but also create a great atmosphere for patients and fellow team members. Building a dental dream team can even help you while recruiting and in many other aspects of your practice.

Dream Team for Your Dental Practice

With the above in mind, finding top-notch talent and ensuring that all team members in your organization work well together can be challenging.

In this article, we’ll go over 12 tips on how to build the dental dream team you’ve always wanted.

12 Tips to Building Your Dental Office Dream Team

All dentists dream of having highly-skilled, thoughtful personnel. But, if you run your own practice, you already know how difficult it can be to build the office dream team you believe will boost your success.

If you believe that you already have the dental team members you need to succeed, the best thing you can do to ensure practice growth is to invest in your staff.

You should organize regular upskilling sessions with dental professionals and support employees alike to ensure great team chemistry.

You should also touch base with members of your team to learn about their personal and professional goals. This will help you create an environment where they feel that they can thrive, whether it’s in patient care, general dentistry, or another industry altogether. This, in turn, will encourage your dental office team to focus on attracting new patients and prioritize practice growth.

In addition to this, here are 12 great tips to help you establish and grow your dental dream team.

1. Develop Great Leadership Skills

Building a cohesive unit starts at the very top. As the leading expert in your practice, you have to learn how to deliver constructive feedback in a positive way, gauge your employee’s needs, and develop other essential leadership skills.

Develop Great Leadership Skills

Dream team-caliber employees only want to work for fair, competent dental experts, so make sure that your attitude, knowledge, and care reflect the dedication your practice has to your patients.

2. Create a Standard Hiring Process

Not all practitioners that manage their own office follow a set procedure during the hiring process. This makes sense, as great candidates just seem like great options without much training in many cases.

However, you should take the time to create a standard hiring process to evaluate candidates and choose every employee based on skills, practical experience, and overall team fit.

3. Only Work with Dedicated Employees

It may sound cliche, but you should strive to only work with dedicated individuals that take pride in their work. This may be difficult to gauge with incoming staff, but you can always ask for references and opt to work with people who have prior experience in dental offices.

4. Set an Amazing Company Culture

If you’re working on your leadership, chances are that you’re already making strides when it comes to company culture. But, even though it can occur organically, you should proactively work on establishing a patient-centric practice culture that drives productivity.

5. Teach Your Team Your Philosophy

While it starts with leading by example, also take the time to deliver paid training sessions to help your team understand this new direction. But, you should only teach these employees how to act in certain scenarios, but help them understand why it can greatly improve the patient experience.

Remember that you should constantly adapt your philosophy and your upskilling session. So, consider creating a schedule and setting reminders to complete this task periodically.

6. Find the Best Tools for Your Business

To run a successful dental practice, you need to have the right equipment as well as the appropriate administrative tools. This goes beyond your technical devices and extends into the platforms that your dental dream team will use on a daily basis.

Find the Best Tools for Your Business

There are dozens of great tools that you can implement to improve the productivity of your dental dream team. This includes in-house knowledge bases, scheduling solutions, and dental program management solutions like Membersy.

To learn more about Membersy and how it can help you grow your dental practice, contact us today and sign up and register now.

7. Keep a Close Eye on Your Team’s Behavior

As a practice owner, your job isn’t done once you establish a dental dream team. There are many things that can change in every team member’s life and your dental practice needs to be prepared to make the appropriate adjustments.

The behavior of every employee will help reflect if he or she needs additional support, so keep an eye on any changes and keep open communication lines to encourage team members to seek assistance.

8. Set Goals and Organize Company Events

It doesn’t matter if it’s at sports events, school, or the workplace, having a collective goal creates a collaborative environment.

By setting individual goals for every team member as well as practice-wide goals, you’ll keep your employees motivated and remind them that they are working together.

9. Write a Clear Job Description for Every Team Member

Setting goals is a great step, but it may be difficult for dedicated team members to understand what role they play, unless you tell them directly.

You should create clear job descriptions for every one of your dental team members. In addition to what’s expected of them, you should tell each individual how his or her contribution moves the team closer to the goal.

10. Build and Improve Your Training Program

You may think that a dental practice doesn’t need a training program. But, the truth is that having introductory training sessions will help employees get used to your practice, understand where all the resources are located, and familiarize themselves with the company culture.

As we mentioned earlier, you should also take the time to review the training program and improve it on a regular basis. A great way to do this is to survey employees after they’ve spent a few months working in your office. This will make a huge difference when adjusting your training plan for the future.

11. Offer Competitive Salaries

Top talent is attracted to competitive salaries. That statement is true in virtually all industries, including dentistry and oral healthcare.

If you want your internal teams to consist of top-notch employees, you need to offer competitive packages as well as a great benefits package.

12. Keep Patients at the Center of All Your Decisions

Your patients will ultimately determine if your practice is successful or not. Therefore, you should keep them at the center of every decision, including the steps you take to hire the best candidates.

Keep Patients at the Center of All Your Decisions

For instance, if you have two prospects with similar resumes, you should conduct interviews and select the individual who follows a more customer-centric mantra.


There is no doubt that building the perfect team for your practice can take a significant amount of time. But, as long as you prepare for the recruitment process, follow a standard procedure, and evaluate candidates carefully, you should be able to identify individuals that work efficiently together.

If you want to learn about Membersy and how it can improve the productivity of your team, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.