italian-based zirkonzahn is revolutionizing dental implant technology

Technological advancements in the dental industry are growing faster than ever before. Contemporary thought leaders are breaking seemingly insurmountable barriers without the crippling boundaries of the past. Many of these luminaries have centered their focus on the importance of dental implant technology. Northern Italy based Zirkonzahn reigns among the foremost.

Though far removed from the states in the lush mountain-filled region of South Tyrol, Zirkonzahn’s work is not confined to any particular continent or client. Their industry-shifting developments revolve around leaning generously into 3D designs spurred by experimenting with commercial-grade milling processes. By enacting a streamlined and invasive-free implant procedure, Zirkon had quickly and effectively replaced the need for antiquation surrounding false teeth and dentures.

As dentists around the country and beyond angle for greater success rates regarding efficiency in tooth replacement, Zirkon has cemented at least one profound resolution — TecnoMed.

A high-functioning resin with a resistance to plaque and other bacteria thanks to industry-best biocompatability, TecnoMed (and TecnoMed Mineral), alongside the compounding benefits of the minerals like zirconium and titanium, represent what many perceive to be the answer to permanent dental restoration. Completely sterile and safe for patients with a high propensity for allergies, the importance of this budding milling procedure is not only felt in its safety but in its ability to steer patients away from the dangers of dentures.

Whether properly placed or poor fitting, dentures have detrimental long-term effects on the jawbone. Be it a full set or just a partial, jawbone atrophy is almost inescapable. In addition, poor-fitting or loose dentures can cause irritation to the gums resulting in inflammation. This, of course, can quickly lead to infection. Dentures above all simply aren’t meant to last a lifetime. Historically, implants have a much greater and more effective lifespan.

Though considered the wave of the future, dental implants aren’t technically a new phenomenon. In recent years, dental implant technology has overtaken Hollywood and other circles as the preferred vehicle to pristine white teeth. With exactness in both size and straightness — which is often culturally likened to great health and vitality — proper oral health is widely associated with heightened social standing. A stature that doesn’t come cheap.

Zirkonzahn may or may not be quick to shift the commonality of high costs for such implant procedures. However, their technology could serve as one of the best new tooth replacement solutions available to the masses through a preferred dental provider. More and more dental offices are utilizing their products after taking instructional classes at Zirkon’s US-based headquarters in Atlanta. They’re also stationed in Mexico City. Advanced TecnoMed tutelage is only offered at the company’s aforementioned global headquarters in the Alps of Northern Italy.

According to a new series of reports from IData, the dental implant market in the US and Europe will exceed a $3 billion valuation by 2023. Over the course of the next five years, a combination of both want and need for dental implants will grow exponentially. With that will come advancements in technology that should emphatically drive down cost. Zirkonzahn, through budding developments in CAD/CAM that will directly impact TecnoMed, can very well be at the forefront of that industry boom.

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