Easy Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice

What makes your practice unique? When looking for a new dental practice, or deciding whether to return to a practice, patients look for a few key things. Below, we’ve outlined five easy ways to attract new patients and increase profits.

1) Keep your Google Business Page updated and accurate.

When searching online, Google Business Pages are one of the most important tools. Almost every google search for a business generates an information box on the right side of the results. If the information on your Google Business Page box is incorrect or outdated, it could steer new patients away.

Here’s the information you need on your Google Business Page:

  • Business category (classify yourself as either Dentist or Dental Clinic)
  • Phone Number
  • Business Description – This should be short and sweet
  • Hours of operation
  • Address


2) Focus on local!

In order to build your practice, you must keep your focus on the local community. Dental practices are typically local businesses because the locals are your patients that will continue to come back and refer others.

A few ways to do this:

  • Support other local businesses. Eat at local restaurants and buy from local stores when you can.
  • Make connections with other local business owners in your area and refer them to your current network. In return, they will do the same for you.
  • Be active in your community and give back. Donating to local organizations can help build community awareness and show you care.

These strategic alliances are important to the success of your practice.

3) Have a good website presence

Your website is important as it is the first thing new patients will most likely interact with and be their initial impression of your practice. Your website should be modern and updated, easy to navigate and have all necessary information for new and continuing patients.

Tip: We are in the mobile age. If you are able to invest in an online booking system, do it. Online booking makes it easy and accessible for patients to book for routine appointments. For new patients, let them book online and alert them that a representative from your practice will give them a call to confirm any details.

4) Direct-to-patient promotions

Since your practice is a local business, you are able to utilize direct mailing around your area. Sending postcards, brochures or new patient offers to new residents in the area can be a great marketing tool.

Also, sending promotions to your current patients can increase their loyalty to your practice. Try sending a 30% off voucher for a basic service, such as teeth whitening, to your current patients if they refer a new patient. These are great ways to encourage your patients to refer friends and family and continue getting them into your practice.

5) Reviews, Reviews, Reviews…

After your Google Business Page, the second thing web searchers will see about your dental practice is reviews. Reviews are extremely important, and the number one factor people consider when making a purchase decision.

Ask your friends, family and loyal patients to write a review of your practice on Google or Yelp – the two most common review sites for local businesses. A gentle reminder to patients after an appointment, through an email or text message, should be enough to solidify a review from them.

Lastly, make sure your practice responds to all reviews, both positive and negative. If you do get a negative review, make sure you provide a thoughtful explanation and solution to ensure they, and others, know it was a one-time occurrence.

Dentistry is a caring practice, but it is also a business. Attracting new patients and retaining your current patients is crucial. Practices can implement these small but strategic tactics to ensure success and continue to provide optimal care!

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