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North American Dental Group was created to transform the dental experience for patients, clinicians, and support teams. Today their network consists of over 220 supported dental practices in 14 states. We chatted with Dr. Frank Nia, Market President for North American Dental Group (NADG), about how the Smile Care Savings Plan powered by membersy has helped benefit their patients and supported practices.

membersy: Why did NADG decide to offer memberships to your patients?

Dr. Nia: We believe that patients should have choices when it comes to managing the finances around the care they need. A membership program is a great option to combine the predictability of conventional dental insurance with the affordability and customization that aren’t typical in a self-pay model.

membersy: What challenges do practices face when implementing memberships on their own?

Dr. Nia: We typically see administrative challenges to managing programs like this. The program design, marketing/education, and onboarding can be difficult. The recurring nature of the program requires custom tools and resources to manage it correctly. This is why having an administrative partner like membersy is so beneficial. 

membersy: What are some factors dental groups should consider when selecting a platform to provide membership services?

Dr. Nia: To scale a robust program that is manageable, sustainable and compliant, you need the infrastructure that a partner like membersy provides. The operating expenses needed to support these challenges independently are not justified and the economies of scale that the Smile Care Savings Plan offers is hard to match.

membersy: How have patients responded to your offering the Smile Care Savings Plan?

Dr. Nia: We have over 11,000 active Smile Care members so the response has been very positive. Members have confidence they can manage their oral health needs in a predictable fashion. Whether it is routine care or emergency care, there is a predictable cost structure that is transparent and fair. They also take advantage of discounting that is published in advance and can budget for their needs.

membersy: How do your supported practices let patients know that memberships are an option?

Dr. Nia: We have multiple marketing pieces throughout the office to educate patients on their options. We try to offer the membership to all patients who do not have a conventional insurance plan.

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