Tailwinds for Dental Membership Plans

Tailwinds for Dental Membership Plans

An increasing number of players in the dental industry is catching on to the idea that membership dentistry helps the most successful dental brands democratize access to quality, affordable dental care. Dental membership plans have changed the narrative in the dental space, and this has revolutionized the way consumers access and pay for their care.

So why consider learning more about membership dentistry? Subscription-based dentistry provides an element of innovation and can help move practices closer and closer to smiles and success. Here’s why we think you should join the membership movement:

Corporate Dentistry and DSOs are Growing Rapidly

Traditional solo practices are becoming less common as more and more dentists transition into group practices. Nearly 10% of all dentists are affiliated with a DSO, according to Marko Vujicic, Ph.D., chief economist and vice president of the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute. It is important that the industry recognizes that figure will only grow with time.

With this growth, practices will see an increase in patient volume. It is crucial that practices provide an avenue for patients who are looking for quality but affordable dental care. Dental membership plans allow large practices to offer a single plan that members can access at multiple locations.

The Cost of Treatment Intimidates Patients

Several barriers keep patients from accessing dental care and the treatments they need. However, the main concern for patients across the nation is affordability. Enrolling in a dental membership plan allows patients to overcome their chief concern: the cost of services.

By offering an in-house dental membership plan, practices will see an influx of patients looking to get the most out of their membership. Patients who have memberships schedule more appointments, have regular routine checkups, and receive the critical care they may have previously avoided due to the inability to cover costs.

Struggling Practices Need Relief

Unfortunately, many dentists worry about their patients’ ability to pay for their services, declining practice revenues, and managing administrative and operational tasks. Many practices and providers face severe burnout from the increasing demands on the operational side of their businesses. In addition, dealing with insurance companies can only add fuel to the fire and create more problems for practices looking to grow. 

Membership plans partially alleviate these burdens and allow dentists to provide their patients with the best care possible. With dental membership plans in place that have fewer restrictions than insurance and allow for recurring revenue streams, subscription-based dentistry ensures practices can focus on their patients. Membership programs make certain that dentists collect immediate payment at the time of service. Ultimately, that means there are no problematic insurance companies delaying payments to your offices, and you can enjoy the steady cash flow instead.

Membership Dentistry: The Ultimate Pain Point Solution

Membersy is in a pivotal position in an evolving dental landscape. With many DSOs choosing to consolidate, there are various opportunities, such as customer acquisition and expansion, for those who trust in membership dentistry. The dental industry will continue to see more practices and patients shift toward membership dentistry, allowing for a highly personal and connected experience. 

Does dealing with insurance companies keep you up at night? Are you ready to see your practice grow? Membersy’s solutions may be right for you and your DSO. If you’re hoping to get started on creating a membership program that helps your patients get the care they need while growing your business, check out our resources and let us know you want to partner with us to create a first-rate membership experience.

Treat patients like members, not numbers.

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