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At membersy, the satisfaction of our members is the key to our success. We go the extra mile to ensure that everyone has access to the help they need when it comes to their membership. Having been with membersy since the very beginning, our Support Supervisor Ale Heredia knows exactly what it takes to keep members happy and empowered to take control of their oral health. Ale is originally from Laredo, TX and has two kids, plus two cats and two dogs. She loves spending time outdoors with her family – camping, boating, and hiking are some of their favorite activities. 

How long have you been with membersy and how has the company changed in the time you’ve been on board?

Actually, I was the first person to be employed by the company back when membersy was still called TX Dental Plan. Looking back, it’s crazy how much we have grown. I will never forget our first office. It was small and olive green and could only fit three desks. The work and effort done in that office got us to where we are now. Besides the size of our office and the size of our team, we have also grown our operations. We originally started with a plan in Texas only. Now we have plans across 48 states and maintain the same quality and care as always. It has been an absolute beauty to see this company grow. 

What are your guiding pillars for providing exceptional member support?

1. Be human. First and foremost, we are speaking with people who have real situations just like you and I. The textbook goes out the window when a person is telling you their spouse passed away or what financial troubles they may be facing. There is nothing that can prepare you for what you might hear on a call, other than simple empathy. Do not be a robot.

2. Listen. Listening is key when connecting and assisting our members.  You can’t provide great service if you aren’t listening and understanding where people are coming from. 

3. Be friendly and smile. I ask the team to smile during their calls. The members can’t see them smiling, but it changes your tone and attitude which can be felt over the phone. 

4. Be honest. Especially when it comes to what you know and what you do not. 

5. Be competent. Know your product and take ownership of every call. When a person calls in with questions, always try your best to go the extra mile and assist them. We can always help as long as we are trying. 

Can you share your tricks for always sounding so pleasant on the phone?

I smile a lot to keep my tone happy. They say if you smile, eventually you will start feeling happy. The same thing happens with our voice, if you are smiling your tone changes too. Being pleasant can also come from being cordial and saying simple things like “Please”, “Thank you”, “Good morning”, “Have a good weekend” or “I can absolutely assist you.” All of these phrases can go a long way. We love using them and our members love it too. 

What is your favorite thing about working at membersy?

We assist both members (people from our communities) and our clients (our business partners). It’s a great feeling at the end of the day knowing you work for a company that gives a service that is needed in our communities.

What is a fact about you that might surprise your coworkers?

I am an avid gamer!

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