Introducing Dashboard 1.4

Our goal has always been to disrupt the healthcare industry by offering second-to-none dental membership plans that are approachable and affordable. With 750,000 members and growing, the membersy platform continues to evolve to best suit the needs of dental practices and their patients nationwide. Case in point, we just rolled out even more benefits for our partners.

Through our new and improved Dashboard 1.4, it’s even easier to navigate and implement a customized membership program. With recently upgraded technology, the membersy Dashboard makes it simple to track key metrics, view sign-ups in real-time, order marketing materials and allow patients to pay via the billing platform.  

With added security improvements and HIPAA compliance updates, Dashboard 1.4 is our best to date. Our technology team is constantly working to improve our products and add functionality to make our membership programs and software even better. 
Visit to learn more about our membership solutions and how we can help your practice support and treat your patients like members, not numbers.

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