how membersy is ‘going green’

As membersy continues to evolve, we are constantly examining our processes and systems in an effort to be as efficient as possible. Not only are we always buzzing with new ideas to better suit the needs of our partners and their patients, but we’re passionate about seeking out solutions that are better for our planet.

As part of our newly launched ‘Going Green’ initiative, membersy has implemented a few measures to reduce waste and digitize marketing materials. We now manage all member fulfillment services at the membersy headquarters, printing and shipping membership materials only when you request them. 

 With marketing materials now available on-demand, you can be confident that collateral like fliers and rack cards will get to you in a timely manner as soon as you need them. Additionally, new members will now receive digital welcome kits, with the option to receive a physical kit upon request. Through these simple steps, we’ll generate less waste and ensure that neither your members nor the landfill gets overloaded.

These are the first of many updates we’ll be making to reduce our environmental impact. We look forward to keeping you in the loop along the way!

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