Membership dentistry resources for DSOs, dentists, and office managers.

A Letter from Membersy’s New CEO Michael Shuman

I am humbled and excited to be stepping into the role of CEO at Membersy. I have been with Membersy for the last 6 years now, where I led sales and customer service operations and watched the company scale immensely, now partnered with over 4,500+ practices nationwide.  It’s an incredible honor for me to step […]

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Selling a Dental Practice: The Complete Guide

Selling a dental practice is an exciting process, but you need to make many important decisions before you complete the sale. Similar to building a practice, the best approach is to create and follow an organized strategy designed to help you achieve your goals. With that said, every dental practice sale is different, so you […]

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Building a Dream Team for Your Dental Practice

Successful dental practices are defined by much more than their revenue. Having the right people at your dental practice can not only boost your bottom line, but also create a great atmosphere for patients and fellow team members. Building a dental dream team can even help you while recruiting and in many other aspects of […]

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Buying a Dental Practice: The Ultimate Guide

Owning a dental practice can bring a huge number of great benefits. But, setting up an oral care practice from scratch can take a significant amount of time. As an alternative, you can buy a dental practice that already has an existing brand, physical location, and patient flow. With the above in mind, buying an […]

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