about membersy

Today’s consumers expect a highly personal and connected experience in everything they do. It’s time dentistry met those expectations.

Hi, we're membersy.

We are an Austin-based digital health company that provides dental service organizations of all sizes—from small startups to large enterprises—with thoughtfully designed membership programs to make dentistry more approachable.

Since 2015, the membersy mission has remained the same: to help dental professionals democratize access to quality dental care via subscription-based dentistry.

Today, more than 4 thousand dental practices and close to 1 million members across the United States utilize membersy’s advanced subscription platform for a more personal and connected dental experience.

revolutionizing dental benefits

Our purpose is to change the dental plan narrative. That goes beyond creating the best dental membership experiences in the market; it means revolutionizing the way dental consumers access and pay for dentistry.

  • democratize access to quality, affordable dental care
  • provide consumers with dental pricing transparency
  • treat dental patients like members, not numbers
  • take back the dental care narrative from big insurance companies

We're powering dentistry's best membership experiences.

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