The world of healthcare can be confusing. Plans may be expensive, difficult to comprehend, and not always helpful when you get into a tough spot. That is why now is the best time for your patients to make a change. It’s time to talk about why dental memberships are the future, and how to keep your patients subscribed once they come on board.

1. Keep It Simple

First and foremost, simplify the pros of the dental membership you offer. Imagine the frustration your patient likely went through with dental insurance in the past. Put yourself in your patient’s shoes and explain your membership program in easy-to-understand language. This allows anyone to quickly understand the benefits and feel comfortable and confident knowing membership is the right decision for their health and budget. Make sure that every single person in your office is trained and ready to answer any questions that come their way.

2. Check-In Every Few Months

Just like gym memberships, food-delivery subscriptions, and more, the key to keeping retention up is checking in. Make it a point to send a letter, email, or make a personal phone call every few months to see how patients feel about their subscription plans. If there are any questions or concerns, address them immediately and see what changes can be made.

3. Host Member Meet-Ups

Members are invested in your practice and should feel cared about and connected to your team. To keep retention rates high, try hosting exclusive member events or special perks upon renewal. It takes minimal effort, but by putting an emphasis on patient satisfaction, you’re sure members see the value of membership, and retention goes up.